Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Happy forty second birthday to me
Happy birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear Anna
Happy birthday to me.

Yesterday, Lizette, Stephanie, Jennifer, Madison and I had a sister shopping day. We went to Park City and had a blast!. I took my camera but was having so much fun laughing and talking that I forgot to use it. It was not cold. This year there was no new snow-just a tiny bit of old plowed over stuff in the corners of the parking lots. What a gorgeous day! The girls brought me a beautiful Christmas wreath (that I had been admiring in Steph's shoppe.) and a great new saute pan that I picked out at Costco. I love it! Thanks girls!

What will I be doing this birthday? I am taking the day off! No working for me!!! Brett also took the day off so we will be spending it together. We are getting family pictures at 3:45. I'll let you know how that goes. Tonight we will be seeing the Body Worlds exhibit. Kelsey and Luke have been volunteering there and they invited us.

This video was the perfect way to start out my birthday ROTFL!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My hour

Okay so I've spent 20 minutes of my hour looking at all the cute photos from Halloween night

Here they are:Our sweet little Geisha Girl, Breanna

We were finished trick or treating and were driving to the Halloween Party when she said "This is the best day, ever!!!"

Charles Before and After

Braden and Charles Luke


and the other 40 minutes I've spent learning how to upload to Blogger. More photos to come when I can find another hour.

What will I do with my extra hour?

I am sitting at the computer on a peaceful Sunday morning. It's daylight savings time and we get an extra hour for free!!! So even though my clock says it's 8:16 (I haven't changed them yet) it is only 7:16 woohooo! I could go through the Halloween pics from Oct 31st. I could straighten up the house and get my morning routine done. I could make an omelet (I only allow myself to have one when there is unlimited time in the morning and I don't have to be anywhere). I could read. I could straighten up my scrap room. I could clean out my purse. I could spend the whole time writing this blog. So I'm off to see what I can accomplish in an extra hour.