Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Bike Ride of the Year!

This weekend was so fun! The weather was a little warmer so Brett, Garrett and I decided to go for a bike ride to the elk farm. I was excited because I had new bike shoes and Garrett bought and installed some new clips on my pedals for Christmas. WOOHOO - First bike ride of the year!

As the guys were helping me get clipped in for the first time Breanna said "Does Mom know how to ride a two wheeler?" We all burst out laughing. Seven year olds are hilarious! 

Luckily we bundled up so it wasn't too terribly cold.  I biffed it twice before I got the hang of my new shoes. Have you ever had your feet stuck in your pedals and fallen over sideways?! Needless to say, it was pretty funny. Almost like watching cartoons - I'm sure! My knee got pretty banged up and my wrist is sore but after the first five minutes I was getting the hang of the new pedals and locking in and out. All of this practice and experimenting plus the strong wind made the ride to the elk pretty slow! Poor Garrett! Having to wait for your parents does not make for a fun ride!
 Here's Brett and I at the elk farm - too bad you can't see my bloody knee!

This is one of the three of us! Can you see the elk in the background?
Garrett and Brett - I love G's i-phone, because without it we wouldn't have snapped these pics!

While we were out riding, Luke & Kelsey and the kids were getting some cute photos taken out in the yard. Jessica was their photographer!  I scrapped one of my favorite photos.

Of course they got lot's of fabulous photos so watch for more layouts with their fun pics!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My 1-11-11 Layout

I think numbers are cool! Did you realize that today is a 1 11 11 day!
This has nothing to do with the layout I am posting except that I am uploading on this date!
This is my sweet Breanna with her new dog, Zoey

I created this layout for the Product Spotlight HERE

Layout Credits HERE

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Template Challenge Eight at The Shabby Shoppe

Do you want to try something fun this month? I love the Easy as Pie Template Challenges at the Shabby Shoppe blog. You have the chance to win a $25 Shabby Shoppe gift card.
Check out all the details HERE

This is the layout I created with the fantastic free template.
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Please LIKE me!

LOL - the title to this post is incredibly funny to me at this moment.

I just entered to win $50 at Persnickety Prints with the comment below
"$50 from Persnickety Prints sounds awesome!!! I am going to win because I have the most sweet friends in the whole world and all of them are going to like this comment because they know that I only print my layouts with my crappy HP ink jet printer and they would look so much better printed professionally. Then I would stop hanging the layouts around the arch in my living room because my crappy HP Printer recommends a seven day wait before you put the printed page into a page protector - SEVEN DAYS people! SEVEN DAYS! SEVEN DAYS! SEVEN DAYS! SEVEN DAYS! SEVEN DAYS! SEVEN DAYS! See it even took a long time to read this comment! Imagine how long it takes to wait for that ink to dry! You know you want to like this comment! JUST DO IT!!!"

CLICK HERE!!!  It only takes a second - Please scroll down to comment #36 (watch for my picture - the same pic as on my blog) and click "LIKE" on my comment so I can win!
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Transformation In Progress...

2010 was a great year!!! In January 2010 I set a goal to lose 52 pounds. I said to myself, "You have 52 weeks in this year. How hard could it be to lose a pound a week? Well it was harder than I thought but (woohoo!) I lost 45 pounds!!!  I got within 7 pounds of my goal. Not bad!

Then I went to Hawaii over the Thanksgiving break Then add in a month of Christmas craziness and I was already up 10 of the 45 pounds I had lost. Oh well, I was still down 35 pounds on December 31st. That is 35 more pounds than I would have lost if I hadn't set any goals, so I was pretty happy!

Enter January 2011. I was feeling sick from all the holiday goodies. I seriously had a stomach ache the last two weeks of December because I ate so much junk. I was ready for a change.

I sat down to write some goals. I had been following Cathy Zielske's blog and she has inspired me to do her Move More, Eat Less Challenge. Why not? I want to lose another 40 pounds this year! I want to stay regular with my exercise, so I am also setting a goal to exercise (for at least 30 minutes) 300 times in 2011.

So with those two goals in mind, I went to the gym this morning at 5 a.m. I was on workout # 5 for the year and I had already lost 5 pounds since Monday (it always comes off fast the first week.) I saw a poster in my Gold's Gym that advertised a "Body Transformation Challenge." It seemed like good motivation to me so this afternoon I put on a two piece swimsuit (scary), had photos taken and signed up.

With all that said, it looks as if I am going to be making a twelve week transformation! I am in the 40-49 age category. There is a $500 prize. It ends April 1st. WATCH ME WIN!!!

With the two challenges and my two goals - "How can I lose?!!!"
 Or should I say "not lose" (weight & body fat!)

Here's my first layout for the Move More, Eat Less Challenge (I created this page on the fourth so my journaling doesn't mention the Gold's Gym challenge. I will write about that in next month's update.) Look at that gut - hopefully it's the first thing to go!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Scrapping on New Year's Day

I stopped by the speed scrap at SugarHillCo
This is the layout I came up with...

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This one made me smile

My sweet friend, Maxine sent me this link
with a note that said HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (Turn on the speakers)!

Thanks Max - you made my morning

 Celebrate 2011 sign created with Peppermint Creative's Free Kit HERE

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