Thursday, March 3, 2011


Since I blogged last I have scrapped 2 new layouts. 
I never take the time to post but today is the day!

Remember the "Sweet Sweet Smile" Carpenter's song HERE
I was humming it as I scrapped this layout- I always loved that song when I was a kid!

Today there is a new free template and challenge posted  at the Shabby Shoppe Blog. This is the layout that I created for that post.  As I was working on this layout, my sweet Breanna and our dog Zoey were laying at my feet (no lie) cuddled up together. I was working in Photoshop recoloring her shirt (which I am really not that happy with) when she said - "Mom, I look like a bobblehead!" Hilarious. I looked closer and she did - LOL!!! But, I ran out of time and was unable to work any more on the recoloring - ah well - Bobbleheads ROCK! 
And Breanna, you are an awesome bobblehead!

Thanks for stopping by.