Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reading Along

Today on "The One Minute Writer" I saw this prompt: "Write about a childhood memory related to reading." It reminded me of an experience that I had in first grade. I was an avid reader. There never seemed to be enough hours in a day to get in all the reading I wanted to do. The library was one of my favorite places. I had to walk home from school every day. I thought it would make better use of this walking time if I could just read those library books while I was trudging along. (Even in first grade, I was thinking of ways to multi-task.) I was reading a particularly interesting book one day as I was walking, when all of the sudden, I ran into a huge dog. The dog was as big as me and roaming the streets with no owner. My heart was thumping as I waited for the attack. (I was afraid of dogs since my grandmother's "Snoopy" bit me.) Luckily, the dog was friendly and seemed to be as sorry as I was that he hadn't been paying attention either. I'll never forget the racing heart followed by that moment of relief. Needless to say, I stopped reading as I walked home each day and payed more attention to what was around me.

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