Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

This morning at 8:45 am my youngest daughter, Breanna graduated from Kindergarten. They give all the kids awards and hers was "Little Miss Princess." She started out going to a morning class but her teacher thought she needed a little extra help so she ended the year going all day. Being in school longer helped her become a great student. She got a "high honors" certificate in her morning class and an "honors" award in the afternoon. Her morning teacher was Rachel Keddington and her afternoon teacher was Lorna Reynolds. They are both wonderful teachers!!! The kids got a cookie and a glass of root beer after the ceremony! The goodies were probably their favorite part. My little girl is growing up!
Breanna with her cousins, Sami and Calli.

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Christy said...

She's so cute!