Monday, September 28, 2009

How's your knee feeling?

Brett injured his knee on Labor Day 2009. He was playing softball and as he ran into third base, his foot caught on the edge of the base and twisted his knee. He has been in a lot of pain. The knee was so swollen, he couldn’t bend it or put any weight on it. He has had to use crutches to get around.

After three days of hobbling, Breanna (five years old at the time) asked

“Dad, when will your knee be better - How are you doing?”

Brett told her “It will probably be a little while - It’s getting a little better every day but it might take some time to completely heal.”

“Okay,” Breanna said, “Well I’m going to ask you every day and say ‘How’s your knee feeling?”

Brett laughed and thought that was really cute but never expected her to follow through.

The next day when Brett got home from work, Breanna greeted him at the door with a big hug. She said, “How’s your knee feeling today, Dad?”

She made Brett laugh again and he responded, “It’s feeling a little better.”

She said, ”Remember I’m going to ask you every day!”

And she has asked every day without fail. Sometimes she forgets when Brett first arrives home but later she will say, “Oh, I forgot to ask you, ‘How is your knee feeling today? - Cuz, remember, I’m going to ask you every day!”

Every time she asks, it makes Brett’s day. Our little girl is so full of love! She is definitely a Daddy’s girl!

I scrapped this page with Scrappin' Daisies kit Me and My Ducky
I did recolor the purple paper strip.
I used Fruit Loop Sallys "Gee Whiz Alpha" for the title lettering
Font is CAC Futura Casual
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Christina Smith said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Anna! It means so much to me!

Judy said...

Such a sweet story and memory for the future.

Christy said...

So cute! It just makes me want to have another little girl.