Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Fun

I did my first post at the Shabby Shoppe Blog HERE.

This is the video that went with that post!

We went to Raging Waters for Jessica's Birthday. Garrett made this compilation of our fun day.

Here is my "Party Til You Prune" layout.

Journaling - It has been a tradition in our family to go to Raging Waters each year for Jessica’s birthday. This year was no exception. Garrett decided that he would ride his bike there. Of course, we were concerned that he wouldn’t make it in good time but he actuallly rode the fourteen miles and arrived at the park at the same time as we did. (We had to stop at the store to pick up chicken and goodies for lunch.) We had a good laugh when we all arrived at the same time. Kelsey looked fabulous. She was wearing her cute little bikini. Jessica looked better than ever! She has lost so much weight this year. We invited Joy’s kids and we all had a blast cruising the lazy river and laughing our heads off in the wave pool. It was so nice to be together as a family. We vowed to do it more often this year. July 2010

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garrett.gman said...

awesome page mom! the embedded youtube video is too wide for the blog. if you look at the HTML code that you copy and paste into blogger there's text that says width "685" height "350". The number represent the pixels width & height of the video. You can keep changing the numbers until it works for the width of ur blog.

Mystique Designs said...

Totally awesome !!!!!