Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blog Challenge

I was challenged again at the Jen Wilson Blog

Here is the page I came up with:

Journaling: For as long as I can remember, I have had this addiction to getting my nails done. It stems from my dad telling me that a beautiful woman always has nicely manicured nails. (I think he told me this so I would stop chewing on my fingernails as this was my bad habit at eight years old.) So, every two weeks, I have the acrylic filled in. After 26 years of doing hair, my hands are looking older. The nails make me feel better about that fact. It used to be I would do only a french manicure but lately, I have been trying different things. Today, the sparkle reminds me of Dorothy’s shoes in “The Wizard of Oz.” and that makes me happy.


helena said...

I Love the red Glimmer on your nails i think its festive.You could have done something bright for the trip to Hawaii........

christybruce said...

Wow, your pages are awesome! So glad I finally get to see what your digital scrapbooking pages look like. Thanks for sharing!