Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sweet 16

What a gorgeous day outside. It feels like summer. I am even wearing a short sleeve top. Whew-hoo!!!

Yesterday, my son had a birthday. Ryan turned 16 years old. What a great kid! He took the day off from school and we spent the day shopping and just hanging out. What 16 year old wants to hang out with their mom. Hmmm-I don't know many. We had a great birthday dinner of chicken enchiladas! (Ryan's favorite) For desert, we put candles on a strawberry shortcake and served that with homemade ice cream - MMMMMMMM!

Here are some pics

Such Delicious Strawberries

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Julie said...

I'm so impressed with how well you keep up on the scrapbooking! It's totally inspiring and I need inspiration!