Friday, April 2, 2010

Where's the Moon?

When I heard this funny story - I knew I had to scrap it

Charles Luke is almost three years old. He says the cutest things.

On Jacob’s birthday we celebrated at Brad and Melody’s house. It was time to go home and Charles wanted to stay. He got a little grouchy.

In an attempt to cheer Charles up, Garrett took him outside.

Garrett looked upward at the night sky. He said to Charles, “look at all the stars!” Charles’ eyes lit up immediately. The two of them counted the stars together. Garrett tried to help Charles count. Charles would say “one...” and wait for Garrett to finish counting for him.

Charles’ mood was improving.

As they looked around in the night sky they saw the lights of an airplane. Garrett said, “that’s not a star, is it Charles?” Charles responded and said, “that’s an ai-wo-plane.”

They continued studying the night sky together. The moon hadn’t come up yet. Garrett, in an attempt to outsmart the wisdom of an almost three-year old, asked, “Where’s the moon, Charles?” Charles looked around for only a moment before responding in his cute little kid voice “At my house?”

Garrett burst out laughing.

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