Saturday, January 8, 2011

Please LIKE me!

LOL - the title to this post is incredibly funny to me at this moment.

I just entered to win $50 at Persnickety Prints with the comment below
"$50 from Persnickety Prints sounds awesome!!! I am going to win because I have the most sweet friends in the whole world and all of them are going to like this comment because they know that I only print my layouts with my crappy HP ink jet printer and they would look so much better printed professionally. Then I would stop hanging the layouts around the arch in my living room because my crappy HP Printer recommends a seven day wait before you put the printed page into a page protector - SEVEN DAYS people! SEVEN DAYS! SEVEN DAYS! SEVEN DAYS! SEVEN DAYS! SEVEN DAYS! SEVEN DAYS! See it even took a long time to read this comment! Imagine how long it takes to wait for that ink to dry! You know you want to like this comment! JUST DO IT!!!"

CLICK HERE!!!  It only takes a second - Please scroll down to comment #36 (watch for my picture - the same pic as on my blog) and click "LIKE" on my comment so I can win!
Thanks to all my fabulous friends

1 comment:

Tiff @ SuperMama101 said...

Anna.. I don't know what the problem is! I've tried this 4 separate times, and it wont add my "vote"!

If I click the "5 likes" link, it just opens a new window telling me the 5 people that have "liked" it.

Sorry! Let me know if it starts working!