Thursday, January 6, 2011

Transformation In Progress...

2010 was a great year!!! In January 2010 I set a goal to lose 52 pounds. I said to myself, "You have 52 weeks in this year. How hard could it be to lose a pound a week? Well it was harder than I thought but (woohoo!) I lost 45 pounds!!!  I got within 7 pounds of my goal. Not bad!

Then I went to Hawaii over the Thanksgiving break Then add in a month of Christmas craziness and I was already up 10 of the 45 pounds I had lost. Oh well, I was still down 35 pounds on December 31st. That is 35 more pounds than I would have lost if I hadn't set any goals, so I was pretty happy!

Enter January 2011. I was feeling sick from all the holiday goodies. I seriously had a stomach ache the last two weeks of December because I ate so much junk. I was ready for a change.

I sat down to write some goals. I had been following Cathy Zielske's blog and she has inspired me to do her Move More, Eat Less Challenge. Why not? I want to lose another 40 pounds this year! I want to stay regular with my exercise, so I am also setting a goal to exercise (for at least 30 minutes) 300 times in 2011.

So with those two goals in mind, I went to the gym this morning at 5 a.m. I was on workout # 5 for the year and I had already lost 5 pounds since Monday (it always comes off fast the first week.) I saw a poster in my Gold's Gym that advertised a "Body Transformation Challenge." It seemed like good motivation to me so this afternoon I put on a two piece swimsuit (scary), had photos taken and signed up.

With all that said, it looks as if I am going to be making a twelve week transformation! I am in the 40-49 age category. There is a $500 prize. It ends April 1st. WATCH ME WIN!!!

With the two challenges and my two goals - "How can I lose?!!!"
 Or should I say "not lose" (weight & body fat!)

Here's my first layout for the Move More, Eat Less Challenge (I created this page on the fourth so my journaling doesn't mention the Gold's Gym challenge. I will write about that in next month's update.) Look at that gut - hopefully it's the first thing to go!

Wish me luck and thanks for stopping by!!!


Tiff @ SuperMama101 said...

Look at you! :) I love that you scrapped about it so specifically.. and with pictures!

I'll be rooting for you to win the cash prize, but either way - you'll be a winner. I hope you achieve all you dream and more! Good luck!

(Loved your Christmas card too, by the way.. your kids are so OLD!)

Julie said...

you go girl!!! I lost 55 lbs last year but I'd like to still lose about 15 more so I'm on the journey with you. :) I love the post and we LOVED your Christmas card!

Julie said...
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Christy said...

You go girl!