Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1st - Scrapping Day!

I woke up this morning with the worst headache. Brett brought me some ibuprofen and I took that. I begged him to track down some of Janiel's secret remedy, (she told me to take a heaping spoonful if I felt like I was getting sick). I feel much better now.

I have spent the afternoon resting and scrapping. I finished up a page that I have had in my "in progress" folder for a long time!

Here's the completed page:

Every year, in August, my Dad's family goes up to Lava for our family reunion. My kids look forward to this get-together for months! We swim in the outdoor pool and soak in the hot pots on Thursday - our first night in town. We tube the river and hike up to the "L" on Friday. Saturday is our pinata day. We head home Saturday night. Our reunion always ends too soon!!!

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Mandy said...

Hi Anna....
I try to give away one kit a week. Mondays are papers, Wednesdays elements and fridays the alpha. I still have to find the font I used so I can give credit...glad you like it! BTW I watch the video on men and women... too funny!
Take care