Friday, August 21, 2009

Are you a visual learner?

I have had a few people ask me how to put video on their blog. It is so easy that I didn't feel it was really necessary to share. I realize now that everyone learns in different ways. When I was investigating how to put a You Tube video on my blog, I read through the Blogger help section. I am a very visual learner. For me, reading an instruction manual is much more difficult than having someone show me how it's done, so this wasn't the easiest way.

Enter - Google

Last week I was trying to load a pricing gun so I could put price labels on some products in the salon. It was impossibly hard even with the manual sitting right in front of me. So I googled "how do I load a monarch pricing gun" Up came a video. TA DA! Something that was taking 30 minutes to read, understand, and complete - took 2 minutes of video and a few foul words to finish.

HMMMM - Have you ever put together anything from IKEA? I wonder if IKEA could post video for all of their products? Maybe they already do?

If you learn better visually, you can learn how to upload video to your blog in less than 2 minutes. Take a look.

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