Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Surfer Girl and Shy Grandson

We just got back from our family reunion in Lava Hot Springs. I was looking through some videos Garrett took with his i-phone and remembered that I wanted to write about what a great surfer Breanna is turning out to be! In LHS there is a bridge that goes over the Portneuf River. Off of that bridge, a board is tied with a rope. If you are five years old and very persistent, you climb on that board over and over again until you are a surfer extraordinaire. Breanna is a little fish. She swam the river for hours and loved every minute.

My grandson, Charles, on the other hand, sat in the warm water that gurgles out into the river. It's actually really nice to just let the hot springs flow over you - very relaxing!

Take a look-

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