Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 1st

Wow, where did the year go?

On the first day of Christmas (which was a Monday) I had the day off and I went to my favorite place to go every Monday at 9 am. Yes, I will admit I AM ADDICTED. I love finding all kinds of fun items for really cheap. Kelsey met me at the store for our kid exchange and I took my two incredible grandkids home while she went to her class. (She is working on a nursing degree at the University of Utah.) Brynn was so happy and smiley when we got home but after I was done changing her diaper she started to cry. and cry and cry and cry. She wouldn't take her bottle. I couldn't get her to stop crying so this grandma did the only thing I could think of which was text Kelsey and ask her what to do LOL. As soon as I started texting, she began to settle down. It was as if she knew I was communicating with her mom. She cried a little more but as soon as her mom walked through the door she was perfectly happy.
That Brynn is a Momma's girl

Later that day, Braden and I went to Grace and Dallin Robert's (my longtime customers and friends) house. We picked up a Christmas tree and lights they were wanting to get rid of. Then they added in two outside lit decorations. When we got home we set up the tree and put up the outside decorations. Even without ornaments, the tree looks great. This is the first year in my life that I have had the tree up by December 1st! YIPPEE!!! We have always had a real tree which takes forever to get because it's hard to find time for all of us to go get it. Yeah-no pine needles all over my house this year! Yeah-no tree to keep watered and spill all over my hardwood floor! Yeah-no dead tree to drag to the garbage and leave a trail of pine needles. There is one great thing about an evergreen in your house and that is the wonderful fragrance! But hey - this year I think we'll just light a candle (ha ha)!

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