Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Did U watch the game?

I actually didn't get a chance to go to the Utah vs. BYU game, but I had so much fun scrapping the photos of my family that I had to do a post and show you the pages I made.

Page 1 Closeup

Page 2 Closeup.

Can you believe the wild and crazy hair on Kelsey and Hailey!!! They were even seen on the news later that night.


garrett.gman said...

Wow! All ur pages look like they're clipped from a magazine. I like these U of U ones the best, of course. They not only look awesome but they will b historical! That game was a huge part of Utes history. And we were there!!

Tiff said...

Nice Anna! Only they are definitely the wrong color. ;)

I logged on to designerdigitals, and I couldn't find your gallery... are you still on that site?

I'm excited you have a blog now!!